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About White Lotus

[ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#B07E09″ icon=”fa-home” headline=”1 and 2 Bedroom Large Liveable Residences” shape=”round” width=”half” last=”false” class=”add-bottom”] All the apartments are fully air conditioned with plenty of optimised storage, accessible to all ages and abilities. [/ut_service_column]

[ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#B07E09″ icon=”fa-users” headline=”The Neighbourhood” shape=”round” width=”half” last=”true” class=”add-bottom”] Zillmere well known for being peaceful with an affordable cost of living and many lifestyle opportunities. [/ut_service_column]

[ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#B07E09″ icon=”fa-camera-retro” headline=”Stylish Apartment Living” shape=”round” width=”half”   last=”false” class=”add-bottom”] Open plan living, with your choice of flooring combinations of tiles and carpets in warm mocha’s or cool stone. [/ut_service_column]

[ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#B07E09″ icon=”fa-puzzle-piece” headline=”Need to know…” shape=”round” width=”half” last=”true” class=”add-bottom”] Construction is expected to commence in quarter 3, 2016 and completed within nine months of start date. [/ut_service_column]


[ut_parallax_quote cite=”Adrian Franchi – FRR Projects”]White Lotus Residences are close to all the things that matter most…. residents will be truly spoilt for choice! [/ut_parallax_quote]


Our Team

Our sales team is experienced, professional and committed to providing outstanding service to enable the transition into your White Lotus Residence is informed and hassle-free.

For further information speak to one of our friendly team members below!

Adrian Franchi

Adrian Franchi

Sales Principal
Tracey Franchi

Tracey Franchi

Sales & Property Management
Adrian Franchi

Adrian Franchi

Sales Principal
Tracey Franchi

Tracey Franchi

Sales & Property Management

White Lotus At A Glance

White Lotus Residences are located at Zillmere, approximately 4 kilometres from the northern central business district. Zillmere is "one of the fastest growing, affordable & best suburbs to live in Brisbane".

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[ut_count_up color=”#B07E09″ to=”3″ background=”#ffffff” opacity=”0.2″ width=”fourth” last=”false”] kms to Westfield Chermside [/ut_count_up]

[ut_count_up color=”#B07E09″ to=”6″ background=”#ffffff” opacity=”0.2″ width=”fourth” last=”true”] Boutique Residences [/ut_count_up]


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Our Service

Industry leaders in the sale, marketing and management of apartments, townhouses, villas and new homes, Franchi Realty provides specialist consultancy services for it's clientele.

[ut_service_box color=”#ffffff” background=”#ffffff” opacity=”0.2″ icon=”fa-clock-o” headline=”Affinity” width=”third” last=”false”] Comprising of a number of studio, one, two and three bedroom stylish apartments in Chermside. [/ut_service_box]

[ut_service_box color=”#ffffff” background=”#ffffff” opacity=”0.2″ icon=”fa-globe” headline=”E on Ethel” width=”third” last=”false”] This boutique complex “E on Ethel” is located in a quiet street of Chermside. [/ut_service_box]

[ut_service_box color=”#ffffff” background=”#ffffff” opacity=”0.2″ icon=”fa-umbrella” headline=”Envisage” width=”third” last=”true”] For those who are ready to enjoy uncompromised style living, we present Envisage. [/ut_service_box]


Our Development

We believe our project speaks for itself. Here are the floor plans for the various apartment types to give you a taste of what’s on offer at White Lotus Residences.


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White Lotus Residences

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